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How Will Brexit Affect the World of Wine?

25th January 2019

It seems that everyone is constantly talking about Brexit, and rightly so. With uncertainty surrounding so many areas of daily life, from recruitment to international travel,

Matching Wine with Festive Food

28th December 2018

For an entire week, or more if you’re lucky, you’ll have ample opportunity to indulge in good food and drink with friends and loved ones. To

5 Jolly Wines to Enjoy Over Christmas

20th December 2018

Can you believe it’s that time of year already? We can, which is why we have dozens of incredible wines on special offer, including the five

Gancia Producer

24th August 2017

Gancia produces 250 million bottles of sparkling wines, wines and aperitifs each year Fratelli Gancia was established in 1850 by brothers Carlo and Edoardo Gancia; they turn

Can a Spoon keep Prosecco Fizzy?

28th July 2017

If you’re anything like us Prosecco lovers, once in a blue moon we somehow find ourselves not being able to polish off an entire bottle of

Why is Champagne so expensive?

1st August 2016

  You may be wondering why it is that Champagne is so expensive?  What drives us to keep spending so much and coming back for more?