The Best Way to Store Your Wine

The Best Way to Store Your Wine

We’re dedicated to sourcing the highest quality and most exciting wines from around the world, all of which are in line with our mission to achieve sustainability on every level. We then provide you with all of the information you need to enjoy each wine to its full potential, such as the country of origin, which grapes are used, a little about how it’s made, and clearly describing the personality, which can range from a juicy, fruit-driven red, to a dry, herbaceous white. In other words, we do everything possible to ensure you have easy access to the finest wines available.

However, all it takes is for a wine to be stored incorrectly and you could find that its flavour, consistency or impact on the palate suffer. Good storage helps you to get the best out of your wine, so here are some tips that guarantee long-term quality.


Starting with the most obvious factor, temperature can have a significant effect on a bottle of wine. At 24 degrees Celsius, wine begins to oxidise, so you shouldn’t allow it to become exposed to this level of heat or higher. Ideally, all of your wine will be kept in a storage area that remains around 12 degrees, with white and sparkling wine popped into the fridge to cool for 30-60 minutes before serving.


This can also cause problems, as a little humidity keeps the cork strong, yet too much can result in the label and any cardboard or wooden storage units becoming damaged. Humidity of around 70% is perfect, as it keeps the cork from drying out without the risk of mould forming.


It’s easy to think that nothing can touch the wine when it’s still in the bottle, yet certain aromas can break through a cork and infuse the liquid. The last thing you want is a beautiful wine that for some reason tastes of garlic or cheese, so make sure that it has its own storage area away from strong pongs.


Hello darkness, my old friend. Keeping wine away from light will prevent light strike, which is when UV rays cause the wine to develop an unpleasant, funky smell. Whilst dark bottles offer more protection, light can still make its way through and ruin your wine. The solution is to find a dark area, such as a pantry or cupboard that also doesn’t get too warm or humid.

Horizontal storage

Corked wine bottles in particular need to go on their side, as storing them upright will lead to the cork drying out and air entering the bottle. Another trick is to store horizontal bottles with their labels facing upwards, as this way you can easily check the contents for sediment before opening.

 Enjoy your wine

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